ILCA is committed to world health transformed through breastfeeding and skilled lactation care. As a result, we offer our members opportunities to engage with the organization and support others. Here are three ways you can be involved.



ILCA’s Each One, Reach One campaign allows members to share what they appreciate about membership with other breastfeeding professionals in their community. We welcome participation in the campaign from individual members, course directors, and Partner organizations. Nearly 500 new members were introduced to ILCA through the Each One, Reach One campaign for the 2017 membership year. Thank you to everyone that participated!

When sharing about ILCA membership, please be sure to ask for new members to list your name on their applications where it asks


“Who Introduced You to ILCA?”

Help Us Recruit Members in 2018! The winners of each category will receive a FREE standard membership (value based on geographic location). Each category has a minimum of new members to reach:

  • Individual Member (minimum 5)
  • Course Director* (minimum 25)
  • Partner Organizations* (minimum 15)

*Course Directors are those teaching courses approved by LEAARC, or for those instructors teaching any course that is 45 hours or longer. Partner Organizations are those recognized by ILCA. All others will be considered "Individual Members" within this contest.


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ILCA helps you get what you need to provide the best breastfeeding support. It also gives you the opportunity to give back to other members, all over the world. ALL members have the option to add the ILCA Breastfeeding Benefactor status to their membership. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that the ILCA programs you care about – worldwide advocacy, research, scholarships - were all made possible by your additional support. All members will receive recognition in the Journal of Human Lactation, the ILCA Website, and on a ribbon at the ILCA Conference.


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Membership Scholarships: ILCA is glad to offer Membership Scholarships for those individuals who are unable to pay for ILCA membership due to social, economic, or political hardships. Scholarship funds are generously provided by our members through the Breastfeeding Benefactor Program. The application process is now open. Click below to apply. If you need assistance or have any questions, please email us at

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