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Access the Journal of Human Lactation, earn up to 10 FREE CERPs, tap into resources, and more! ILCA provides you with the essential tools, resources, and information to best support the families you support.

Lean About the IBCLC

International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) are impacting global health through skilled lactation care. Learn how an IBCLC can help your family, support your community, and improve your region's health outcomes.

World Health

ILCA is responding to and adapting to local and worldwide lactation priorities with the goal of advancing breastfeeding on the global agenda.


Hispanics and Supplementation: Why They Do It and How to Help with Regina Roig-Romero
4 February

Hispanas y la Suplementación con Fórmula Infantil: Por Qué lo Hacen y Cómo Ayudar with Regina Roig-Romero
18 February

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