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The ILCA Board of Directors and Staff cannot achieve ILCA's Strategic Plan without the talents, time, and energy of ILCA members who volunteer their time as committee and task force members.  ILCA also recognizes that these critical resources - member efforts - are not unlimited.  To make the most of what ILCA volunteers can offer, ILCA has restructured its committees to ensure they align with the new strategic map and maximize the impact of each volunteer's contributions.


Click Here to view the application for these Committees/Task Forces


ILCA Advisory Committees:

  • Advocacy Committee - Promotes the value of ILCA and the IBCLC in advocating for breastfeeding and skilled lactation care at the international, national, regional, and local levels.
  • Diversity Committee - Ensures that every aspect of ILCA is culturally inclusive and welcoming to all members.
  • International Code Expert Committee - Assists ILCA in expanding the awareness, understanding and application of the World Health Organization’s International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes (International Code).
  • Professional Development Committee - Assists in guiding the professional development of ILCA members and the greater lactation community.
  • Resource Development Committee - Grows and diversifies ILCA’s financial resources to support organizational goals and objectives.


ILCA Regional Committees:

ILCA Regional Committees will consist of a team of regional and cultural experts focused on efforts within WHO identified regions of the world who will help guide ILCA in both their strategic vision and partner initiative.

Recruitment for these committees coming soon.


ILCA Task Forces:

  • FILCA Task Force - Review and select applicants to be presented to the ILCA Board of Directors for final approval for the FILCA designation.
  • Research Abstract Selection Task Force - Review and select research abstract submissions for poster display at the ILCA Annual Conference and presentations at the research breakout session.
  • Nominations Task Force - Identify and vet a slate of nominees to fill open positions on the Board of Directors that exemplifies ILCA’s core values.
  • Annual Conference Program Task Force - We are not currently recruiting anyone new for this task force.  Please check back for recruitment for 2017!
  • Logo Redesign Task Force - Recruitment for this task force has closed.