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The purpose of the Each One Reach One Campaign is to increase membership. The goal is for each member to share the benefits of belonging with other colleagues. Course directors, individual members, and Chapters or Affiliates are all encouraged to participate.

Nearly 500 new members were introduced to ILCA in 2015 through the Each One Reach One membership drive. Thank you to everyone that participated!

Winners of the 2015 Each One Reach One Membership Campaign:

  • Individual Category: 6 new members, Cheryl Lloyd, Brandon, Mississippi, USA
  • Course Director Category: no winner
  • Affiliate Category:  no winner

Help Us Recruit Members in 2016! The winners of each category will receive a FREE standard membership (value based on geographic location). Each category has a minimum of new members to reach:

  • Individual member (minimum 5)
  • Course director (minimum 25)
  • Affiliates or Chapters (minimum 15)

Course Directors are those teaching courses approved by LEAARC, or for those instructors teaching any course that is 45 hours or longer. Chapters and Affiliates are those recognized by USLCA, CLCA or ILCA.  All others will be considered "Individuals" within this contest.

The program runs from July 1 through June 30 each year. Be sure to check that your name is being added to the membership form as the person, course director, or affiliate or chapter who introduced someone to ILCA! 

Download the ILCA membership application, enter your name on the line "Who Introduced You to ILCA?" and hand it to a friend or colleague who is interested in promoting or supporting breastfeeding worldwide.  If the person chooses to join online, ask them to enter your name as the person who introduced them to ILCA.

Questions? Contact the ILCA Office at or +1 (919) 861-5577.

Remember, ILCA is YOU!

Past Winners of the Each One Reach One Membership Campaign