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There are many places in the world experiencing great hardships, financial and political, limiting the availability for educational funding, support and opportunities. The following programs are initiatives ILCA administers to assist ILCA members and other health workers interested in lactation to provide support and continuing education opportunities. Each of these programs relies on donations from ILCA members and others. As ILCA is registered as a non-profit in the US, you may be able to count your charitable contribution against your taxes.
Every amount is greatly appreciated

Partner Program - The ILCA Partner Program helps to foster links between individuals interested in lactation.

Other Donations - Please contact the ILCA Office at or 1-888-ILCA-IS-U (452-2478)

2014 Lactation Summit
The 2014 Lactation Summit, Addressing Inequities within the Lactation Consultant Profession, is a landmark initiative being hosted jointly by ILCA, IBLCE®, and LEAARC. It is planned for July 27, 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona USA from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Your donation supports efforts to open access for all who wish to enter the profession. It will help fund key stakeholders from diverse ethnicities and perspectives to share real-life experiences, obstacles, and challenges of underrepresented groups in the US and across the globe. Please consider contributing by clicking the Donate button on this page.

Conference Scholarship – The ILCA Scholarship Fund assists members in attending the annual ILCA conference. These scholarships enable ILCA members from developing countries and others with financial need to attend the conference. Scholarship recipients may then share their experience and new information with colleagues. Support for these scholarships enriches educational opportunities and support for breastfeeding throughout the world. Please consider contributing to the ILCA Scholarship Fund by clicking the Donate button on this page.

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