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Promote your Practice, Promote your Professional Association

Use these resources to promote your profession with medical professionals, use in Career Day fairs in schools, display in public health fairs, market your credentials in your work setting, and tell the world what we do!

Breastfeeding Promotional Materials

10 MORE Reasons to Breastfeed! Flyer - (English l French l Spanish)

ILCA Promotional Materials

About ILCA -(online flyer l printable flyer)

ILCA Website Flyer (color l black and white

ILCA PowerPoint Presentation for Course Providers

Materials to Promote the Profession

Position Paper on the Role and Impact of the IBCLC®

How to Access an IBCLC
ILCA maintains a list of members who are an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant® worldwide in the Find a Lactation Consultant Directory.

Experience You Can Trust!
Distribute these downloadable flyers to promote the IBCLC to health care professionals, breastfeeding families, and others. They describe an IBCLC's scope of practice, settings where an IBCLC are found, the importance of an IBCLC to breastfeeding families, and how to find an IBCLC.