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Research Activities

ILCA promotes and supports research in breastfeeding, lactation, and infant feeding research. Through the hard work of its Research Committee, ILCA is committed to:

  • Providing small grant funding for approved projects
  • Increasing understanding of the research process and the critical use of research findings
  • Dissemination and utilization of research findings

ILCA's Research Committee is comprised of ILCA members who have professional and/or academic experience such as conducting research projects, reviewing research proposals, and/or supervising theses. Click to see the current membership of the Research Committee.

Research Grants

Research Focus at the Annual ILCA Conference
The Research Committee selects abstracts for research poster presentations, project poster presentations, and research or project oral presentations at ILCA Conferences. The committee ensures that research-related sessions are provided at every annual conference by planning conference activities that highlight and enhance understanding of the research process. Research Committee members regularly present a session at the annual ILCA Conference in order to assist beginning researchers. All abstracts are considered for a poster session and from the accepted poster abstracts some are selected for oral presentation at the ILCA Annual Conference. Abstract submission information is available on the ILCA Conference web page.

Annual Conference Poster Sessions and Oral Presentations
Each year the Research Committee and designated reviewers judge the completed posters and award an outstanding research and project poster.

Research & Project Poster Abstracts:

Click here to see previous research & project poster winners and abstracts.