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FALC - Find a Lactation Consultant

The Find a Lactation Consultant search tool allows you to search for practicing IBCLCs who work in either private practice or in clinical settings.

  • Private Practice lactation consultants may work in an office and/or make home visits.
  • Hospital-based lactation consultants often run out-patient clinics or mothers' meetings for continued support.

Please contact listed IBCLCs to learn more about the specific services they offer, plus fee and insurance arrangements. Note, the FALC Directory is updated every two weeks.

Instructions: To locate lactation consultants in your region, first select the desired language from the pull-down menu. Next, enter your 2-digit country code in the drop-down option. If you are uncertain of the correct code, please click here for a complete listing. Finally, enter your city and state/province, or postal code. A listing of all lactation consultants in your region will appear. Alternatively, should you wish to search by last name, please select “SEARCH BY NAME” and type the last name of the consultant you wish to locate. If you have any difficulty in locating a consultant, please contact ILCA at or (888)-452-2478.

What is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant® (IBCLC®)?

An IBCLC is a health care professional who specializes in the clinical management of breastfeeding. IBCLCs are certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners® Inc. under the direction of the US National Commission for Certifying Agencies. IBCLCs work in a variety of health care settings including hospitals, pediatric offices, public health clinics, and private practice.

ILCA's Find a Lactation Consultant directory lists International Board Certified Lactation Consultants who are current members of ILCA. If you are an IBCLC but not an ILCA member, be sure to join your professional association today!

Why a Mother Might Need an IBCLC
A Board Certified Lactation Consultant is an invaluable asset to breastfeeding mothers by reassuring them when breastfeeding is going well, and by providing information and support to help her prevent and manage common concerns. IBCLCs help with:

  • Prenatal counseling about risk factors that may affect breastfeeding
  • Basic position and latch of the infant
  • Information about practices that promote successful breastfeeding
  • Preventing and managing common concerns such as poor latch, inadequate milk transfer or supply, nipple or breast pain, and calming a fussy baby
  • Milk expression and storage for mothers who must be separated from their babies
  • Strategies for breastfeeding after returning to work
  • Breastfeeding in challenging situations, such as breastfeeding twins or triplets, a premature or sick infant, or infants in special medical situations

IBCLCs are members of the allied health care profession, so it is appropriate for them to charge for the time they spend in a lactation consultation. The fees may be covered by your health insurance or health ministry program, but you will have to ask your IBCLC. ILCA provides this directory as a service to the public, to provide a list of names of ILCA members (who are IBCLCs) in your area, who may be available for a consultation.

ILCA does not set fees, nor engage in any dispute resolution involving individual mothers and lactation consultants.

ILCA does not endorse the services or products of any individual IBCLC.

NOTE: Lactation Consultants work in a variety of settings. Under each IBCLC's name check "PRACTICE" to find the services you need.