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If you are having difficulties logging-in to the Member's Only area, please check the following:
1. Type your username and password directly into the appropriate fields rather than using the copy/paste feature. The system sometimes rejects copy/paste.
2. If you are using your ILCA ID # for your username, please be sure to enter the leading zeros.
3. If you are using Internet Explorer you will need to set your session cookies [click here for directions].
    Please click here to clear your Internet Cache within different browsers
4. Due to increased security issues with older versions of Internet Explorer it is recommended that you upgrade to a newer version [click here to upgrade]. 
5. For faster and more secure browsing you may also want to try Mozilla Firefox [click here to download Firefox]

If you are having difficulties updating your profile information, please check the following:
1. To make multiple selections on the areas of practice, languages and expertise, please press the CONTROL (CTRL) key while selecting.
2. To be listed on FALC or Member Directory, your selection should be FALSE 
3. If you are an IBCLC®, the selection should be TRUE (top line)
4. The FALC Contact Information boxex should contain the primary and secondary method of communication for new mothers to contact you.
5. The FALC list is not live so you will not see your changes immediately on the website listing.
6. To change your phone or address, click on the phone or address heading, and edit or delete. If you want to change your primary phone or address, edit the one you want to choose, and there is a box to make that your primary.
7. There seems to be some compatibility issues with Explorer so you may want to try Firefox if you receive an error message while updating your profile.

If you are caught in a loop that continuously asks you to login as an ILCA member, while trying to access Sage's Journal of Human Lactation:
If you are caught up in a loop that continuously asks you to log in as an ILCA member, it is because your security settings on your computer are set too high. Please contact your IT support person and ask them to set your security to allow access to the Sage Publications page without the extra login. Please click here for instructions on how to bypass the security. If you continue to have difficulties gaining access to the Journal, please contact

If you are still having problems:
1. Please contact your IT department so they can adjust their firewall to allow you access to this Web site.
2. If you have any other problems please send an email with the following information to

  • A full description of the problem you are experiencing.
  • List what browser and version you are using (ex. Internet Explorer 6)
  • A screen shot which would be very helpful in troubleshooting the problem. To create a screenshot hold the [Alt] key and press the [Prt Scr] button and then click in the body of the email and press [Ctrl] [V].