The Professional Development Committee


Director:  Barbara Robertson, MA, IBCLC, RLC

Committee Description:   The Professional Development Committee is responsible for providing post-IBLCE certification education to assist
IBCLCs with ongoing professional development required for recertification.  In addition, this committee provides IBCLCs with educational resources to aid them in their daily clinical practice.  Finally, the Professional Development Committee support and facilitate focused learning opportunities for aspiring lactation consultants and Health Care Providers.

Committee Chair:  Position not filled.  Interested?

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How You Can Help!  Current Projects:

On going webinar series:  The USLCA offers monthly or bi-monthly continuing education.  This lecture and power point format allows USLCA to continue to offer the most up-to-date, cutting edge, professional, lactation information in a low cost format.   USLCA always needs more speakers!  Please contact Barbara at to offer your lecturing expertise or to offer a suggestion for a speaker or topic.

National USLCA 2013 Conference:  The USLCA is pleased to be offering their first independent conference!  It will be held on May 5, 6, and 7, 2013.  This is the year ILCA will be held in Australia.  Terriann Shell is our conference coordinator.  Many, many volunteers will be needed to make this a successful conference.  Please contact Barbara at or Terriann at for more information.

Mentoring:  The USLCA is looking for members who are interested in helping to develop more opportunities for mentoring in the USA.  The USLCA also recognizes the need for more support for those IBCLCs who are providing the mentoring and making more clinical mentoring experiences available in the USA.  If you are interested, please contact Barbara at

Corporate Lactation Programs and Working and Breastfeeding Support:  USLCA understands that IBCLCs in the USA need more job opportunities.  Between the Surgeon General’s Call to Action and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which took effect in March 2010, more businesses need help creating, maintaining, and providing support services than ever in this new field.  Over 50% of new mothers return to work.  They need help too!  Become a part of the cutting edge team to provide these tools for IBCLCs!  If you are interested in helping to develop materials to help in this area of expertise, please contact Barbara at

Traveling Clinical Lactation Conferences:  The USLCA is aware of the strong need for more concrete clinical experiences for the IBCLC is the USA.  Help create a clinical day that is highly accessible to those who want to provide this type of education.  Contact Barbara at

Clinical Lactation:  The USLCA has created a new journal and Clinical Lactation is about to celebrate its first birthday!  USLCA needs help with article contributions, editing, proof reading, and advertising.  If you have any expertise in these areas, please contact Barbara at