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Student Resources

ILCA has many resources to help students prepare for the rewarding profession of lactation consulting and feel confident and prepared for practicing as an IBCLC®. Students are encouraged to become familiar with a wide range of literature, scientific studies, texts and journals. These resources are a good foundation to prepare for the profession and are important reference texts for clinical practice. The IBLCE® Blueprint of Knowledge and Skills for IBCLCs identifies the important areas of study and ILCA’s Core Curriculum for Lactation Consultant Practice outlines the content in each area. ILCA provides these resources for information purposes only. ILCA does not endorse any materials, products, or services of lactation courses or other programs.

General Lactation Texts (available through the ILCA Store)

  • Hale T and Hartmann P. (2007) Hale and Hartmann’s Text book of Human Lactation. Hale Publishing.
  • Lawrence R and Lawrence R. (2010) Breastfeeding: A Guide for the Medical Profession. (7th Ed) Elsevier/Mosby.
  • Lauwers J and Swisher A. (2010) Counseling the Nursing Mother. (5th Ed) Jones & Bartlett.
  • ILCA. Eds. R Mannel, P Martens & M Walker. (2013) Core Curriculum for Lactation Consultant Practice. (3rd Ed) Jones & Bartlett.
  • Riordan, J and Wambach K. (2010) Breastfeeding and Human Lactation. (4th Ed) Jones & Bartlett.
  • Walker M. (2011) Breastfeeding Management for the Clinician. (2nd Ed) Harcourt Brace. Jones & Bartlett.

Clinical Skills and Exam Practice References (available through the ILCA Store)

  • Kutner L and Barger J. (2010) Clinical Experience in Lactation: A Blueprint for Internship. (3rd Ed) Lactation Education Consultants.
  • Smith L. (2011) Comprehensive Lactation Consultant Exam Review. (3rd Ed) Jones & Bartlett.
  • Wilson-Clay B and Hoover K. (2008) Breastfeeding Atlas. (4th Ed) Lactnews Press.

Courses and Clinical Instruction

Guide to Selecting a Course
Directory of Lactation Management Courses
LEAARC Approved Courses
ILCA Study Modules
Clinical Instruction Directory
Online Sources for IBLCE-required Continuing Education Courses

Resources Available from ILCA

Preparing for the Profession
Professional Practice Documents
Frequently Asked Questions

Resources Available from IBLCE

IBLCE can answer questions about pathways, eligibility requirements, and other information about the credential. Information about certification pathways and requirements, competencies, scope of practice, and more are linked from this IBLCE Documents page under their Resources tab:

Online Resources Clinical Protocols of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Breastfeeding Review journal available by subscription from Australian Breastfeeding Association Journal of Human Lactation available to members of the International Lactation Consultant Association Print and Media Reviews available to members of the International Lactation Consultant Association International Breastfeeding Journal Resources available from World Health Organization, Geneva

  • Complementary Feeding: Family foods for breastfed children (2000)
  • Evidence for the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding. (1998)
  • Global Strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding. (2003)
  • HIV and Infant Feeding. A guide for health care managers and supervisors and Guidelines for decision makers. (1998)
  • Hypoglycaemia of the Newborn: Review of the Literature. (1998)
  • International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes. (1981)
  • Nutrient Adequacy of Exclusive Breastfeeding for the Term Infant During The First Six Months of Life. (2002)
  • Protecting, Promoting and Supporting Breastfeeding: The Special Role of Maternity Services. WHO/UNICEF Statement. (1989)
  • Relactation: Review of experience and recommendations for practice. (1998)

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