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Standards of Practice for Lactation Consultants

Clinical Guidelines for the Establishment of Exclusive Breastfeeding, 3rd Edition (2014)
Newly updated! This evidence-based publication features expected outcomes for mothers and babies along with 21 specific management strategies to guide clinicians in caring for breastfeeding families. Rationale and extensive research citations accompany the outcomes and strategies. Serves as a great teaching tool and provides strong justification for evidence-based practices.

This essential resource is available to purchase in the ILCA Store.

Risks of Not Breastfeeding
ILCA's newest publication puts at your fingertips the evidence-base demonstrating breastfeeding as the biologic norm, and a public health imperative. This evidence-based document is a review, revision and complete update of ILCA's three popular "Summary of Hazards of Infant Formula" publications. Combined and updated now as "Risks of Not Breastfeeding," this is a must-have resource available for purchase in the ILCA Store.

Spanish Breastfeeding Glossary
Laminated sheet with words and phrases helpful when working with Spanish-speaking breastfeeding mothers. Available in the ILCA Store.

Clinician's Breastfeeding Triage Tool
New, updated version now available to purchase from the ILCA Store! ILCA's highly popular reference card offers quick assessment and treatment options for the breastfeeding concerns health professionals are most likely to encounter. This laminated card is a must for staff in mother-baby care units, and other healthcare providers who do not see breastfeeding mothers and babies as often.  Now also includes a link to additional drug information for several countries.

ILCA Style Guidelines for Written Professional Resources
This resource was created by ILCA's Professional Resources Committee to set standards for commonly used terms in our profession.  Although produced to guide the development of ILCA's professional materials, others in the field of lactation may wish to adopt the Preferred Usage section for their written materials.  The guidelines are based on the Journal of Human Lactation Style Guide for narrative text.  Please note that these guidelines include preferred usage of words for publications for health professionals.  Alternate terminology might be more appropriate for lay publications.

Multimedia Reviews (Members Only - Login to Access)

ILCA reviews books, DVDs, videos, CD-ROMs, and websites that are of interest to lactation consultants. The main purpose of the review is to inform the reader of the merits of the product so that the reader can determine whether the product is worth reading or viewing. Therefore, reviews may include negative as well as positive statements. The goal is to be fair and balanced, while still offering a clear opinion. Anyone interested in writing a review may contact the review editor. Indicating personal interests and expertise will help in assigning appropriate material for review. Readers are also encouraged to notify the review editor to suggest titles for potential review. For additional information contact the editor Chris Jones-Wollerton at See Review Guidelines.

Journal of Human Lactation and Inside Track (Members Only - Login to Access)

The Journal of Human Lactation (JHL) is the premier quarterly, peer-reviewed journal publishing original research, commentaries relating to human lactation and breastfeeding behavior, case reports relevant to the practicing lactation consultant and other health professionals who assist lactating mothers or their breastfeeding infants, debate on research methods for breastfeeding and lactation studies, and discussions of the business aspects of lactation consulting.

The “Inside Track” is a double-sided reproducible publication by ILCA designed to be printed and distributed to breastfeeding families. Topics include returning to work, milk supply, solid foods, mastitis, tongue-tie grandparent support, premature and sick infants, and more. Each issue of the JHL includes a new Inside Track, and previous issues can also be accessed electronically by ILCA Members.