The Journal of Human Lactation is consistently rated as the most valued benefit of ILCA membership.

Journal of Human Lactation (JHL) is the official journal of ILCA. It is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal publishing original research, insights in practice and policy, commentaries, and case reports relating to research and practice in human lactation and breastfeeding. JHL is relevant to lactation professionals in clinical practice, public health, research, and a broad range of fields related to the trans-disciplinary field of human lactation.


The Journal of Human Lactation is essential for building our knowledge as IBCLCs. We believe knowledge guides our practice, strengthens our value, and supports our role in transforming world health.


The JHL is offered, both in print form and online, for ILCA members. In addition, ILCA members can access both Independent Study Modules, in our Knowledge Center, and Inside Track, which can be accessed on the JHL website.


Inside Track articles are published in the JHL and are written for breastfeeding families. They may be used as handouts to reinforce teaching and expand awareness of breastfeeding related issues. ILCA members may download and distribute copies in their communities.



Independent Study Modules appear in most JHL issues, with study questions about an article printed in that issue. After publication, the modules are also available online in ILCA's Knowledge Center, where you will also find recorded conference sessions, webinars, additional study modules, and more.


To access the JHL and Inside Track