ILCA is a strategic-driven organization that values Knowledge, Diversity, and Equity.

We work toward our vision of world health transformed through breastfeeding and skilled lactation care through the use of Advisory Committees and Task Forces.

 Call for ILCA Board Members

The International Lactation Consultant Association is excited to announce an opportunity for leadership in your professional association.

Leadership in an international association provides an opportunity to work with a diverse group of passionate and professional people. A leadership position with ILCA also affords you a unique opportunity to take part in setting a new path as ILCA embarks on a new leadership role within the global breastfeeding community.

During this election, ILCA is seeking applicants to fill one Director position that will become vacant when one Director takes on the role of President.

The application deadline is 23:59 EST on 06 February 2018.

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Curriculum Vitae/Resume

If you have any questions, email admin@ilca.org


Advisory committees are teams of subject matter experts focused on a specific area of interest. They provide leadership in these areas to ILCA and help to set direction in their assigned areas.

Advocacy: Responsible for the development of campaigns and projects that globally represent and promote the value of ILCA and the IBCLC profession.

Equity: Committed to exploring opportunities to increase cultural inclusion and diversity within the organization, as well as the translations of relevant documents for the profession.

Global Collaboration: Team of regional and cross-cultural experts responsible for planning and overseeing ILCA global development activities.

International CodeThe committee is an appointed group of International Code experts (ILCA members and non-members) whose primary responsibility is to determine whether potential commercial affiliates are meeting their obligations under the International Code of the Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes and relevant subsequent WHA resolutions.

Professional Development: Provides guidance on research, professional development, resources, conference programming, and clinical instruction while supporting all knowledge based activity for the organization.

Resource Development:Tasked with finding new avenues for funding that will expand access and opportunity to IBCLCs through grants, scholarships, and other fundraising.


While Advisory and Regional committees provide long-term guidance, Task Forces serve to help us reach time-sensitive goals in project-based and task-specific ways. These groups of individuals work together on a short-term basis.

2018 Annual Conference Program Task Force: Responsible for planning ILCA's annual conference program with guidance from the Professional Development Committee, Board of Directors and staff. 

Fellows of ILCA Program Assessment Task Force: Responsible for recommending revised Fellows of ILCA goals, selection criteria, application process and scoring system for Board consideration.

IBCLC Care Award Task Force: Responsible for reviewing, scoring, and selecting candidates for the IBCLC Community-based Care Award.  

Nominations Task Force: Responsible for identifying, vetting and nomination Board Member candidates to the Board of Directors. 

WABA- ILCA Fellowship Review Task Force: Responsible for recommending goals and objectives for the joint WABA-ILCA Fellowship program and outlining the process, criteria and timeline for candidate selection.


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