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©UNICEF Ethiopia/2012/Getachew via Flickr Creative Commons

Feed the Children / Wezzie Grace Kenan via Flickr Creative Commons

Knowledge: Anne Schollenberger

Diversity: Ari Nordhagen

Equity: Russell Watkins/Department for International Development via Flickr Creative Commons

Journal of Human Lactation: Saint Louis Multicultural Breastfeeding Photo Project, a joint effort of the Saint Louis Breastfeeding Coalition and Amber Sky, made possible by a gift from Erin O'Reilly, RN, MSNR, IBCLC, LLLL.

Resources: Santa Cruz Birth Photography & Doula Service

What is an IBCLC?: ©UNICEF Ethiopia/2012/Getachew via Flickr Creative Commons

Become an IBCLC: Patrice Jones