How to Access the Journal of Human Lactation as an ILCA Member



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How to Access the Journal of Human Lactation as an ILCA Member


1. Sign In to the ILCA Website

To use all of the features of our website, especially those which are unique to our members, we require users to sign into our site. Once you are on our website, you may do that in the following way.

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2. Access the Journal of Human Lactation Page on the ILCA Website

At the top of each webpage, there is a menu with small arrows pointing downward. Once you are signed in, click on the arrow beside the word "LEARNING".


When you click on the small arrow beside the word "LEARNING", you will see a box drop down with additional options. Click on the top selection which says "Journal of Human Lactation". 


After clicking you will find yourself on the Journal of Human Lactation page of the ILCA website. You may also access it by clicking HERE.




3. Access the Journal of Human Lactation External Website

Once you are on ILCA's Journal of Human Lactation page, scroll down towards the bottom where you will see two purple buttons.

Click on the one which says "Members: Access the JHL".

You will find yourself on the JHL Access Page.


Click on the "Members Only JHL Portal" button to be taken to the external JHL website.


You will find yourself on the external JHL website.

4. Enjoy the Journal of Human Lactation Website and all of its Features

Explore the JHL website, where you can access the current issue, Online First articles, podcasts, and a complete archives of all issues since 1985.


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