How to Update Your Profile



At ILCA, we are committed to helping you access all of our member benefits and website features. As a result, we have developed a number of helpful pages with specific instructions. If after reading this page, you still need assistance, please email us at


How to Update Your Profile

*Please use a laptop or desktop computer to make your edits. Smartphones and tablets are not supported by our site. Firefox and Explorer are the most compatible browsers with our system.

1. Sign in to the ILCA website 

2. Enter your Username and Password
3. Go to Your Profile by clicking on the drop down arrow on your silhouette or your picture. From that view, select 'Profile'. 
4. The next screen will pull up your profile
5. To make changes to your contact information and communication preferences, select the pencil next to 'Contact Details' and a new screen will pop up. The Contact Info tab will allow you to change all of your contact information.
6. The Custom tab will allow you to change your communication preferences, if you want to be listed on the FALC Directory, credentials, and Areas of Practice. The Settings tab will allow you to change your username and password. Please be sure that your information in the Custom tab is accurate as this is how our FALC Directory sorts our Standard IBCLC members listed in the directory. Please also hit the UPDATE button after your edits and then hit the CLOSE button. 

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