Partners Information


Organizations around the world – from established international, national and regional groups to those just emerging– are all working toward improving breastfeeding outcomes.

Imagine the impact if these groups had a way to link goals, break down barriers, and pursue common objectives.

ILCA's Global Partners Program is facilitating dialogue on the global breastfeeding agenda and creating new linkages among organizations at the international, national, regional, and local levels. Our goal: creating new synergies that support international and regional breastfeeding programs while simultaneously elevating the needs of emerging breastfeeding organizations. You can read more about the background and objectives for this initiative on Lactation Matters, the official blog of ILCA, or review the Agreement HERE.

Together, we can:

  • Foster regional, national and international recognition and support of the IBCLC and other professionals within the breastfeeding community.
  • Promote mutual organizational growth and development through the sharing of knowledge, experience and educational resources.
  • Promote and protect the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes.


Benefits of becoming an ILCA National/Regional Partner:

 Connection to the Global Breastfeeding Community

  • Stay current on the global breastfeeding agenda
  • Collaborate with like-minded organizations on breastfeeding initiatives
  • Help illuminate national, regional and local issues to those setting the agenda

Connection to the ILCA Community

  • One free full ILCA conference registration for an partner member willing to serve as an organizational representative
  • One free exhibit space at the ILCA conference
  • Access to ILCA discussion boards for your members in your native language
  • Bi-annual leadership meetings to connect with the innovations and challenges of like-minded organizations around the world

 Promotion of your organization

  • Link to your organization on the ILCA website
  • Social media promotion of your organization’s events and activities 

Support on Code Compliance

Criteria for becoming a National/Regional Partner:

  • Legally recognized organization
  • Pledge adherence with the International Code
  • Organization consists of 10 or more employees/members of which no less than 2 are IBCLCs

Please see the Agreement Template for full details.


Ways you can support ILCA:

  • Promotion of ILCA’s events and activities, including the annual conference, IBCLC Day social media content, and other activities
  • Connection to your membership
  • Strict Code Compliance
  • Translation assistance with key documents
  • Your expertise for webinars and/or conference presentations


Grow your impact and expand your voice in the global breastfeeding community by becoming part of this rapidly growing network. If interested, please submit a Partner Profile HERE to begin the process.